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Our expertise

From socially responsible investment to small and medium-sized European stocks, Global and European thematics and asset allocation, each of our areas of expertise is treated on the basis of an approach developed in line with our convictions.

ESG integration

To exercise our responsibility towards companies and our investors

All of our actively managed funds integrate the analysis of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. We are actively working to progressively align the practices of the entire management team with those implemented within the framework of Socially Responsible Investment funds.

Thus, in addition to carrying out this detailed work of ESG analysis of companies with the same rigour, we strive to exclude from our portfolios all sectors involving the production of tobacco, thermal coal and controversial armaments. We are also vigilant about controversies that may affect the companies in the portfolio. Our Ethics Committee’s purpose is to discuss and rule on the most sensitive cases of controversy.

Socially Responsible Investment

For sustainable creation of value

Making the most of sustainable development and a responsible economy? That is the basis of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

For us, it is reflected in the rigorous selection of the companies in which we invest.

We combine non-financial analysis (ESG criteria) with financial analysis of companies to obtain a 360° view of the risks and opportunities of our investments. The companies analysed must obtain a minimum ESG score to be part of our SRI solutions.

For perfect transparency, all information relating to our methodology and our investments is always accessible and available on our website.

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European small and mid caps

An inefficient universe, rich in opportunities, where our stock-picking know-how is key

Each opportunity is subject to a fundamental and independent analysis following a disciplined process:

Estimation of the relevance of growth projects,

leadership positioning and alignment of interests with management.

Meetings with company managers across Europe

to validate fundamental analysis and establish close relationships with companies.

ESG analysis

to complete the fundamental vision and assess risks and opportunities.

Methodical and rigorous investment

by a team of three managers, backed up by two analysts, specialised in European small and mid caps.

Convertible bonds

Two complementary strategies, one shared feature: active conviction-based management drawing on fundamental analysis of companies.

Echiquier Altrarocca Convertibles Echiquier Convexite Europe
Management style Conservative approach/credit-driven analysis Search for convexity/equity-driven analysis
Benchmark Exane ECI Euro TR Exane ECI Europe TR
Investment universe “Pure” euro convertible bonds Listed European convertible bonds and options
Currency Euro All currencies/Currency hedging (including implicit)
Issue size Greater than €100 million No minimum size
High yield and non rated High yield < 20% of the fund Issuers not officially rated but benefiting internally from a rating based on an agency-type methodology (S&P) can represent up to 100% of the fund. No constraints
Interest rate hedging No Yes

Asset allocation

The combination of our selection know-how and our strategic and tactical allocation for all risk profiles

Four key words:


Our management team benefits from expertise forged in the field.


Our analysis is based on the economic and financial environment, as well as on the specific nature of your constraints and objectives.


Equities, corporate bonds, convertible bonds or mutual funds, each investment vehicle is carefully selected in light of our market knowledge.


We know how to react diligently and quickly adapt asset allocation.


Social issues, major trends in the global economy: our thematic solutions

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